John L Brekke – Biography

For over thirty years John Brekke has been helping companies reach their potential as one of America’s most trusted executive coaches.  He has done work on three continents and has coached some of the best and brightest executives in many fortune 500 companies.

But before all this he was a country boy. John spent much of his childhood growing up on a farm in Northern Minnesota.  Where he drove tractors, baled hay, harvested, and learned important life lessons from his uncle George and aunt Ann. They taught him about decency, thinking straight, and how to set yourself up for success.

His entrepreneurial career began at the age of 14 when he started his own clock repair company. John has been part of a wide array of businesses over the years before attaining the level of executive consultant. He has been a television and radio broadcaster,  a high school and college teacher,  and a college dean. His entrepreneurial career includes owning a real estate agency, a publishing company, not to mention that childhood clock repair business.

He got his start studying leadership as the recipient of a Kellogg Foundation Leadership grant. After which he became a business consultant and then a partner in an executive consulting company. Finally, branching out on his own he started his own executive consulting business, Brekke Consulting, Inc.

Today, John brings his clients three decades of business experience, plus the perspective developed by working with senior management across a variety of industries worldwide.  He works closely with numerous corporate leaders, helping them sort through issues that are important both personally and to their organization’s continued growth. He has extensive experience in counseling executives, helping them develop tools and techniques for working with colleagues, employees, shareholders, directors and the public.

When his schedule allows, he returns to his small farm in rural Minnesota, 80 acres of thick woods and rolling fields. There he gets back to his farming roots growing fruits and vegetables for family and friends. Periodically, he invites executives out to his farm, helping them build on their strengths, develop strategies to manage challenges, and enjoy some homegrown produce.